Size of Turkish retail sector reached 300 billion $ at the end of 2012 with average 10 percent growing rate. Although low profit margins are achieved, it is a huge sector generating high revenue stream. The sector is controlled by big players such as Migros, BIM, Carrefour. In this competitive market, especially for small players, it is needed to develop innovative strategies which will provide competitive advantage.

We know the Retail sector, we know the technology and you know how you will develop your company. So we should work together

Super Market

It is possible to obtain very good results with special strategic planning according to region you particularly found. For this purpose, innovative website design, mobile applications and internet advertising can be used in a low budget.

Using region based campaigns and target customer analysis, successful results can be achieved against large market chains. Large chains can’t know habits of local customers as you know. Please call us; we can develop solution which will provide sustainable advantage for you with affordable prices.

Original Ideas

If you want to achieve competitive advantage through mobile applications in the retail sector, we will be happy to work with you and develop different applications.