Internet usage in Turkey is approaching %50 of total population according to 2012 statistics. In the next five years, it is expected to rise to %70. On the other hand, the other expectation is that the internet usage quality will increase. This means that the internet will be dominant in the life of Turkish people in coming years.

Online marketing can be made with low budgets and conversions of the campaign can be measured easily. Hence, you can easily determine return of investment of your campaign; in addition to that, you can focus on campaigns which are more effective according to your goals. From this point of view, online marketing can be used as a powerful marketing tool for all type of companies.

We are offering benefit based online marketing experience for your company. If you live this experience, just call us.

Online Marketing

If you have time, you can easily develop yourself about online marketing. The most important point is to monitor and improve advertisement performance. If you haven’t enough time for online marketing, professional support will be helpful to reach high return of investment.

Determining right targets and strategies, proper campaigns for different budgets can be prepared. Factors of the success are structure of the company, customer segmentation and competition in the sector. According to these factors, budget and targets should be optimized.

  • Advertisement targets should be set at the beginning of the marketing activities. According to these targets, there should be measurable performance indicators.

  • Optimum marketing strategy should be determined, comparing campaign budgets with conversion rates.

  • To decrease marketing investment, SEO should be used effectively and combined strategy for SEO and online marketing should be developed.

  • The target region and language should be determined at the beginning of the campaign.

  • Using different analyze tools, actions of customer in the site should be examined. Of course, the click is important, but this click should create results align with our targets.

  • Text of adwords should be aligning with keywords and the website.

  • Continuous control and management is a must for online marketing.
Online Marketing

Google holds %70 of search engine market. Because of that Adwords is one of the most effective areas of online marketing. Our company with its Google Certified Adwords Specialists has worked to provide maximum benefits to its customers.

In accordance with your budget and strategic targets, we will be happy to conduct your Adwords accounts.

Online Marketing Steps

Step 1: We present our preliminary marketing report and commercial offer according to your industry dynamics, budget limit, quality of your website and marketing target.

Step 2: According to preliminary marketing report,, we perform pilot study for 2 weeks. As a result of this pilot study we determine the benefits of online marketing for you.

Step 3: After determination of long term marketing target, we appoint an online marketing consultant to your company. The consultant presents weekly online marketing tracking report and monthly online marketing strategy report to the client.