Construction sector is one of the largest in Turkey. Unfortunately, the sector has not been successful in technology usage. Mostly, technology transfer from other sectors doesn’t provide expected increase in productivity of the sector which has a different ecosystem. Therefore, technological solutions for the sector should be developed according to sector specific needs.

We know the construction sector, we know the technology and you know how you will develop your company. So we should work together.


Contractors are companies that perform main operations in the construction industry. Because of that, main goal of contractors is to complete construction activities in the designated budget and specifications. Contractors make project specific short term plans using limited resources; hence, they are not prone to sudden technological development in their production methodologies.

Technology companies offer large scale technology projects to contractors. However, contractors have high risk perception for that kind of projects, hence, generally that kind of technology implementations cannot provide operational benefits.

Contractors are B2B type companies. Therefore, integration of the system with their clients, subcontractors and suppliers is an important criteria to evaluate a technological solution.

Various kinds of web applications can be developed in order to attract customer of the contractor. First of all, factors that distinguish the contractor should be determined and web design and SEO should be based on those factors. A customer who enters the website should feel the quality of the contractor. Unfortunately, the sense of quality cannot be satisfied by just only high quality visuals. To create the sense of quality, website should have a general concept which reflects the strengths of the contractor. In addition to that mobile applications which develop interaction with the customer can increase trust against to the company. For example, if a customer can watch construction site from his mobile phone, he will feel more comfortable about the project. We can increase number of that kind of examples; the important point is to use technology to differentiate the contractor from rivals.

In order to improve operational process of contractors, it is important to develop solutions which will provide benefits during the construction period. For this purpose, mobile applications that solve problems about document management, construction site control and contact management can develop according to projects specific needs.


Investors focus on project’s return of investment. Hence, benefit based technology development can be a valuable tool for them.

Investors can use innovative approaches to reach the customer using impressive websites, original SEO and online marketing strategies. Also, using different web development technologies such as htm5, webGL, 3D models, it is possible to present projects effectively. Technology based marketing strategy can provide high return with low budgets.


Suppliers are in a tough competition. Hence, suppliers should work on two important points which are detailed marketing campaigns based on customer targeting and operational cost optimization.

Construction material market is a price sensitive market. Therefore, reaching customer has a vital importance. The main goal is not only to attract customer with SEO and Adwords, but also to increase customer time spent in the website. Furthermore, interaction with customer should increase using various applications.

Customer focused innovative website design is a must for material suppliers. Unfortunately, using website templates, your company will have an ordinary website which won’t provide any advantage amongst your rivals.

Software development activities focused on customer relation management and stock control provide sustainable competitive advantage to material suppliers.


Architectural design cannot take the place it deserves in Turkish construction sector. There are a lot of low profile offices in the market and the entry barrier of the market is so low. Hence, price based competition effects the profit margins in the market.

Architectural companies with limited resources try to step forward amongst rivals. Therefore, innovative technology solutions such as website, mobile applications and online marketing can be important tools to show design philosophy and acquire new customers.

On the other hand, controlling manpower and managing customer database are the main success factors in the design sector. Therefore, monitoring manpower usage, customer management systems and scrum based project management tools are key technological issues which can be used by design companies.

Engineering Services

Engineering services in the construction industry is one of the most important places where methods and technological solutions are developed. The technology infrastructure of engineering companies are generally is better than other companies in the sector. However, they have not used innovative solutions for customer access and process improvement.

Engineering companies has limited budget for marketing and technology development. Hence, it is important to provide economic, simple and original solutions to engineering companies.

On the other hand, controlling manpower and managing customer database are the main success factors for engineering service companies. Therefore, monitoring manpower usage, customer management systems and scrum based project management tools are key technological issues which can be used by engineering service companies.

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