A new generation technology launched in the first half of 2016, ChatBot can be defined as a software that interacts with the user in the simplest terms, and produces answers on a defined scenario or performs tasks according to certain workflows.


- Facebook Messenger,

- Web Site,

- Skype,

- Slack,

- SMS,


By developing ChatBots with CRM, ERP and IoT integrations and analysing user’s or customer’s feedbacks, we can eliminate repetitive works, optimize workload and increase the productivity.


    Customer Relations

- Answers Frequently Asked Questions 24/7,

- Creates channel and promotes the products,

- Makes e-Commerce in the nature of messaging,

- Takes order directly from the customer,

- Gives after sales customer support,

    Process Improvement

- Answers questions of employees,

- Manages new employee orientation,

- Supports sales teams in the field,

- Organizes internal or external meetings,

- Manages in-house recurring processes,

- Collects info from IoT devices in the field,

AI in ChatBot

ChatBot ’s main issue that matters is neither scenario nor interface but the intelligence of it. This intelligence, which many have described as artificial intelligence (AI), creates the unique advantage of the ChatBot.

The topic of artificial intelligence is an issue that is still immature today. It is expected that artificial intelligence solutions will evolve, especially with advances in machine learning.

hızlıYOL Technology and ChatBot

hızlıYOL Technology can create custom workflow ChatBot according to company scenarios than report and analyzes of data collected.

hızlıYOL Technology with the support of Istanbul Technical University continues to develop solutions for HR, Sales, Construction, Logistics, Plant and Facility Management.

Contact us to create your ChatBot life cycle management and your ChatBot strategy.

Home Appraisal: A ChatBot that works on Facebook, which makes valuation for your home.

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Sales ChatBot: A sales assistant ChatBot, which helps sales team, focuses on field customer visits, new workflow additions on the way.

Meeting ChatBot: A meeting assistant ChatBot, attendance, presentations and reviews are all under its control.