SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


SEO is a methodology optimizing your website for search engines. Among search engines Google is the most important one. Because of that SEO implementation targets to increase ranking of a website in the Google search.

We can talk about two types of SEO,

- To deceive Google about the popularity of website manipulating Google search algorithm,

- To show quality of site to users and increase popularity of the site.

There are significant differences between these two types of SEO. First type is a lazy student who is cheating and the second type is a hardworking student who wants to show his works to the teacher. We as a company just work on second type SEO.

Using SEO, our target is to increase the number of not only your website visitors, but also your customer. So, your marketing strategy and website should align with SEO implementation.

SEO Sustainability

SEO is a continuous process; you can’t stop SEO works after reaching your goals which can first page in a keyword. Because you can’t sustain your position for a long time. There are three important factors of a SEO implementation which are knowledge, experience and time. Hence, SEO can be implemented by all of your rivals without any extra cost. If you stop working on SEO, your rivals can easily take your place. Furthermore, Google changes its algorithm periodically, so you have to be well prepared to those changes to be able to show your website to the search engine. In summary, you can think SEO as a continuous competition; you should be always well prepared to use these free marketing tools.

Results in SEO work is not taken very quickly, the development you do, need to be detected by Google crawling bots. Therefore you see the results of your work in one to three months. So SEO is a work that requires patience.

Using SEO, you can reach your customers with low marketing budget. If you think about Google Adwords, first of all you should try SEO. Because in Google Adwords you pay for each click, on the other hand, with a successful SEO implementation you can be in first page and organic clicks will be free. Of course you have to make an investment for SEO, but if you compare with other marketing tools, you will see that return of investment will be higher.

As you see in the below example, when you search Herta in search engine, you will see adwords and organic search together. This shows that you should give importance to organic search rather than advertisement. In addition to that, you can use your adwords budget in other keywords which you are not successful with SEO.

Return of Investment with SEO

We advise that you should stay away the company that gives this guarantee. This guarantee cannot be satisfied even by Google. The success of SEO depends on quality of website and degree of competition for selected keywords.

Keyword has a vital importance in SEO. Competition level of the keyword will determine your efforts for SEO. Hence, selection of right keywords can increase your success. Your keywords should be compatible with your customer target, so, first of all, you should make a competitive SEO analyze of your website.

SEO Pricing

Serious SEO firms are pricing the goals they set. We get charged when we reach the goals we set together. In this way we can prevent you from wasting money on unnecessary monthly payments.

Step 1 : After first meeting and examining of website, targets and estimated time of realization are determined.

Step 2 : Monthly progress reports are presented.

Step 3 : When we reach targets, we return to step 1.

SEO is a process that requires patience and effort, please search solutions which will provide maximum benefits.